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CAS RN: | Product Number: A2849

Anti-Sialyl Lewis X Monoclonal Antibody

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Product Information
Volume/Quantity :  0.1 mg/vial
Product Form : Purified mouse monoclonal antibody/IgM, κ-chain
Buffer : Phosphate buffered-saline(-) (PBS(-))
Preparation : The antibody is purified from serum-free cell culture supernatant by column chromatography.
Preservative : 0.05% sodium azide
Stabilizer : None
Immunogen : A mixture of sialyl Lewis X-like determinants from human colon carcinoma cells
Specificity : Sialyl Lewis X
Clone Name : 2H5

Immunohistochemistry, flow-cytometric analysis, ELISA, Western blotting,cell adhesion inhibition experiments

Store at -20 °C to -80 °C (Preferably at -80 °C). It is not recommended storing at 4 °C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

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Product Number A2849
Physical State (20 deg.C) Liquid
Storage Temperature -80°C
Condition to Avoid Heat Sensitive
Appearance Colorless to Almost colorless clear liquid
Titer(ELISA) to pass test
Properties (reference)
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Transport Information:
H.S.code* 3504.00-000
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Anti-Sialyl Lewis X Monoclonal Antibody

Specific expression of a complex sialyl Lewis X antigen on high endothelial venules of human lymph nodes: Possible candidate for L-selectin ligand.

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Identification of a major carbohydrate capping group of the L-selectin ligand on high endothelial venules in human lymph nodes as 6-sulfo sialyl Lewis X.

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L-Selectin ligands that are O-glycoprotease resistant and distinct from MECA-79 antigen are sufficient for tethering and rolling of lymphocytes on human high endothelial venules.

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Reconstitution of functional L-selectin ligands on a cultured human endothelial cell line by co-transfection of α1→3 fucosyltransferase VII and newly cloned GlcNAcβ: 6-sulfotransferase cDNA.

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Sialyl LewisX (CD15s) monitoring as a means to select antirejection therapy in patients with rejection after renal transplantation: CD15s monitoring for treatment and diagnosis in patients with acute rejection after renal transplantation

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Anti-oligosaccharide antibodies as tools for studying sulfated sialoglycoconjugate ligands for siglecs and selectins

R. Kannagi, K. Ohmori, N. Kimura, Glycoconj. J. 2009, 26, 923-928.

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