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CAS RN: | Product Number: A2701

Anti-GalNAc-GD1a Monoclonal Antibody

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Product Information
Volume/Quantity:0.1 mg/vial
Product Form:Purified mouse monoclonal antibody/IgM, κ-chain
Buffer:Phosphate buffered-saline(-) (PBS(-))
Preparation:The antibody is purified from mouse ascites fluid.
Preservative:0.05% sodium azide
Immunogen: Salmonella minnesota strain R595 coated with ganglioside mixture from human hepatocellular carcinoma cells, PLC/PRF/5
Specificity:Ganglioside GalNAc-GD1a. This antibody recognizes terminal GalNAcβ1→4(NeuAcα2→3)Galβ-R structure, and reacts to GM2, GalNAc-sialyl-nLc4, and Cad-active glycoproteins.
Clone Name:2A3D2

Western blotting

Store in freezer (-20ºC to -80ºC). It is not recommended storing at 4ºC. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

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Product Number A2701
Physical State (20 deg.C) Liquid
Storage Temperature -80°C
Condition to Avoid Heat Sensitive
Appearance Colorless to Almost colorless clear liquid
Titer(ELISA) to pass test
Properties (reference)
Related Laws:
Transport Information:
H.S.code* 3504.00-000
*This code is applied to the products when TCI exports from Japan and not for import in your country.
Anti-GalNAc-GD1a Monoclonal Antibody

Gangliosides and sialoglycoproteins carrying a rare blood group antigen determinant, Cad, associated with human cancers as detected by specific monoclonal antibodies

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