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TCI Company Profile

Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (TCI) is a leading worldwide manufacturer of specialty organic chemicals founded in 1946. TCI provides organic laboratory chemicals as well as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and functional materials. More than 60 years of synthesis experience and multi-purpose plants enable TCI to offer more than 28,000 productsas well ascustom synthesis. TCI established overseas facilities in North America, Europe, Chinaand Indiato serve customers worldwide.

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TCI America was incorporated as the U.S. subsidiary of TCI in 1985. In an ongoing effort to develop new reagents, the Oregon Research Center (ORC) was established in 1989. In 1995 we expanded our facility with a large scale pilot plant to increase our custom synthesis capabilities and to provide faster delivery for bulk chemicals. In an effort to better serve our east coast clientele, we opened a sales office in Boston, MA.

TCI America Main Office

TCI America Main Office

TCI America supports customers located in North, Central and South America. Our Main Office, Warehouse, and Research Center located in Portland, Oregon combined with our East Coast Sales office in Boston, MA allow TCI America to provide fast and knowledgeable service to our customers. TCI is committed to providing outstanding customer service and high quality reagents in a timely manner to meet your needs.

At TCI America, we continuously strive to advance our technology by refining our analytical capabilities, expanding our manufacturing facilities, and continuously engaging in research and development activities. In addition to organic synthesis, we are also actively involved in the production of natural products via extraction and fermentation techniques. With proven production experience and varied reaction capabilities, which rank us among the best in the industry, TCI America can supply most compounds in sizes ranging from one kilogram to ton quantities.

TCI America subscribes to the ChemStewards® initiative of the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA). ChemStewards® is an adaptable environmental, health, safety, and security (EHS&S) program that promotes continuous performance improvement in chemical manufacturing. Implementation of the ChemStewards® program leads to enhanced EHS&S performance as well as improved operating performance. The ChemStewards® program is an investment in the future of any company.