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CAS RN: 16178-48-6 | Product Number: A0626

Adenosine 5'-Diphosphate Disodium Salt Hydrate

Purity: >98.0%(N)
  • 5'-ADP Na Hydrate
2   ≥20 
2   ≥20 

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Product Number A0626
Purity / Analysis Method >98.0%(N)
Molecular Formula / Molecular Weight C__1__0H__1__3N__5Na__2O__1__0P__2 = 471.17  
Physical State (20 deg.C) Solid
Storage Temperature <0°C
Store Under Inert Gas Store under inert gas
Condition to Avoid Moisture Sensitive,Heat Sensitive
CAS RN 16178-48-6
Reaxys Registry Number 3645656
PubChem Substance ID 87562198
MDL Number


Appearance White to Light yellow powder to crystal
Purity(HPLC) min. 93.0 area%
Purity(with Total Nitrogen) min. 98.0 %(calcd.on anh.substance)
Specific rotation [a]20/D -29.0 to -32.0 deg(C=0.5, 0.5mol/L Na2HPO4 sol.)
Water max. 10.0 %
Properties (reference)
Specific Rotation -31° (C=0.5,0.5mol/L Na2HPO4 sol.)
Related Laws:
EC Number 240-314-7
Transport Information:
HS Number 2934999090
Reagent for platelet aggregation model

Dietary polyenoic fatty acids change the response of cat blood platelets to inductions of aggregation by ADP

B. C. Davidson, J. Haggan, Prostaglandins Leukot. Essent. Fatty Acids 1990, 39, 31.

Inhibition of collagen- and ADP-induced platelet aggregation by substance P in vivo: involvement of endothelium-derived relaxing factor

R. G. Humphries, W. Tomlinson, S. E. O'Connor, P. Leff, J. Cardiovasc. Pharmacol. 1990, 16, 292.

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