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Chaotropic Agents

 Proteins fold into higher-order structures due to interactions such as hydrogen bonding, ionic interactions, and Van der Waals forces. Heat, acids and alkalis can change protein conformation and denature proteins. Protein extraction and analysis require protein denaturation, necessitating the use of urea and guanidine, which are chaotropic agents that disrupt the hydrogen bonding network.
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Product Number U0077
CAS RN 57-13-6
Purity / Analysis Method: >99.0%(N)

Product Number T2835
CAS RN 62-56-6
Purity / Analysis Method: >99.0%(T)

Product Number:   U0077 | Purity / Analysis Method:   >99.0%(N)

Product Number:   T2835 | Purity / Analysis Method:   >99.0%(T)